Knowing The Enemy and How We Must Fight

Knowing The Enemy and How We Must Fight

Neo-atheism goes much farther than the mere denial of God’s existence. It actually calls for the eradication of all forms of Christianity. One prominent Neo-atheist has gone so far as to suggest that Christian parents should be prohibited by law from passing their religious values down to their children. They consider the teachings of Jesus Christ to be the moral equivalent of child abuse. They believe absolute truth is a myth and objective, fact-based reality is a fairytale told by fools.

Here we go again: Mischaracterization of atheism as the desire to “eradicate all forms of Christianity.” No. It is the desire to kick religion out of the public square, and take away its right to special pleading. It is the calling to account of religion’s truth-claims which are accepted so readily by so many people without evidence.

As such, teaching children biblical mythology and calling it real is no different from telling a child his Harry Potter book is true, factual, and actually happened. Few would disagree telling your child that the earth was created in a few days and is a few thousand years old is bald-faced lying and constitutes a form of child abuse. Atheists are saying remove the special exemption from religious mythology.

The very worst sentence in this misguided article is this one:

They believe absolute truth is a myth and objective, fact-based reality is a fairytale told by fools.

I think that actually describes the extreme relativist position of the faithful. Last time I checked, atheists and scientists were all about embracing fact-based reality. Nice try stealing our rhetoric, though.

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James Smith / November 30th, 2009, 12:13 pm / #1

Are you surprised that the religious reich is using lies and stealing ideas from others to promote their ugly agenda? That's been their traditional methodology from the beginning of any religion.

Brainwashing children is also how they capture minds and indoctrinate them to deny reality. If those techniques were used on children for any othr reason, the outcry of "child abuse" and "perverts" would shake mountains.

Most of the problems of the world are, and always have been, cause by religion.

Mankind will never truly be free until the dark yoke of religion is lifted by the clear light of facts and logic.

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