Brownback the Brown Nose, and his accomplices

Brownback the Brown Nose, and his accomplices

Where does the attitude that compromise is the way to go come from, anyway? Which group was it that cut the legs out from under the American pro-life effort at its very inception, by insisting that abortion is “not a religious issue” and that we cannot — even, should not — addresses ourselves to the underlying crises of promiscuity and contraception as well? National Right to Life charted out the parameters of the ideological quicksand called “compassionate conservatism” long before George W. Bush gave that mentality a name and a face, and was able to demonstrate to the country — when Terri Schindler-Schiavo died while he and his brother looked serenely on — exactly what it means when the rubber hits the pro-life road. To attack the life issues problem without mentioning God is to adopt the equivalent of W’s ambivalent approach to the war on terror. It’s like taking on the “insurgents” in Afghanistan and Iraq while refusing to control our own borders at the same time.

Oh, yippeee, Brownback and Bush getting attacked from their right flank. Helen Valois, the author of this article is “a homemaker currently residing in the north woods of Wisconsin.” She is a member of the MI (Militia Immaculatae) movement founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe and has a masters degree in theology.

Sounds like a perfect curriculum vitae for a textbook theofascist. Ironic that Valois’ positions in support of forced maternity and against end-of-life dignity place her in the same pro-suffering and anti-human mindset as Kolbe’s Nazi tormentors.

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Monie Willis / June 21st, 2007, 10:52 am / #1

I happen to support Sam Brownback 110% as the single presidential candidate who represents 100% of my beliefs and values.

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