Druggists Sue Over Morning After Pill

Druggists Sue Over “Morning After Pill”

Let’s hope for a quick smackdown of these sadistic Neanderthal busybodies:

(CBS/AP) Pharmacists have sued Washington state over a new regulation that requires them to sell emergency contraception, also known as the “morning-after pill.” In a lawsuit filed in federal court Wednesday, a pharmacy owner and two pharmacists say the rule that took effect Thursday violates their civil rights by forcing them into choosing between “their livelihoods and their deeply held religious and moral beliefs.”

“The stakes really couldn’t be much higher,” plaintiffs’ attorney Kristen Waggoner said. The state ruled earlier this year that druggists who believe emergency contraceptives are tantamount to abortion cannot stand in the way of a patient’s right to the drugs.

The state’s Roman Catholic bishops and other opponents predicted a court challenge after the rule was adopted, saying the state was wrongly forcing pharmacists to administer medical treatments they consider immoral.

Fucking stone-age morons: If you can’t prescribe the drugs, find another job!! How about this? You refuse to sell the pills, YOU just bought that child for 18 years. Put that in your Catholic ethical pipe and smoke it. Makes me so mad I could swear.

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valhar2000 / August 1st, 2007, 4:35 am / #1

In the (paraphrased) immortal words of Steve Dutch:

If they feel cannot do their job properly, I hear there are plenty of exciting career opportunities in the fast food industry.

He was talking about the IRS, but his statement has almost limitless applicability.

BlackSun / August 1st, 2007, 11:56 am / #2

Valhar, good point!

I have another proposal for unemployed religious pharmacists:

Child-care worker. Or social worker for abused or abandoned babies. You can never have enough of those. Change a few diapers and stay up all night a month in a row, these cretins might be singing a different tune.

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