Sharia Roundup

The fun never stops at the carnival of the god-pushers. Public torture: A tool of brutal intimidation for the ‘religion of peace.’


These stories have already been widely published, but I have to stop and marvel once again that these are indeed news images of things going on right now. It’s as surreal to me as if someone invented a time tunnel set straight back to the dark ages.

Rough justice: 80 lashes for ‘immoral’ Iranian who abused alcohol and had sex

His face covered by a balaclava, an official brandishing a cane repeatedly lashes the back of a man found guilty of breaking Iran’s morality laws.

Two police officers hold the legs of 25-year-old Saeed Ghanbari and another his arms to ensure there is no escape from the punishment of 80 lashes handed down by a religious court.

Traffic was brought to a halt in Qazvin, 90 miles west of the capital Tehran, as more than 1,000 men gathered behind barricades to watch the public flogging.

Both men then lashed Ghanbari, taking the cane back behind their heads to guarantee maximum impact, each stroke leaving a distinctive red mark and bruising on his back.

Several wounds began to bleed.

It was unclear exactly what his offence had been as the country’s strict morality laws cover many areas, but it was reported he had been convicted of abusing alcohol and having sex outside of marriage.

The public lashings have been endorsed by the judiciary as a way of deterring alcohol abuse at a time when it is on the increase among young men but some religious leaders are said to be questioning their validity, fearing they have an adverse impact on the country’s image abroad.

Although men and women convicted of flouting public morals are routinely flogged in detention centres, public floggings are considered rare.

Human Rights groups say there have been a marked rise in recent months in the number of people sentenced to executions and floggings in Iran.

Onlookers: Sadistic voyeurism or “there but for the grace of Allah go I?”

Nigerian Islamic court tries 18 for cross-dressing

Eighteen Nigerian men accused of dressing up as women during a party at a hotel have gone on trial before an Islamic sharia court in the northern state of Bauchi.

Dozens of residents shouted abuse and hurled stones at the men as they were escorted into an armoured prison vehicle after the hearing, prompting police to fire tear-gas at the crowd.

The men, mostly in their 20s, were arrested in a Bauchi hotel on August 4. Police say they were dressed as women, which is illegal under the state’s sharia penal code.

The offence is punishable by up to a year in prison and 20 lashes by cane.

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Gary Johnson / August 26th, 2007, 1:01 am / #1

This spectacle is just that – a lensed view of the world.

Matthew / August 26th, 2007, 11:09 am / #2

Islam’s brutal, iron age ‘morality’ makes me sick. It’s a terrifying thought that these images are simply a microcosm of the sheer reality of the abuse that goes on in the Middle East under the name of religion.

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